Recognizing our responsibility to our employees, we work diligently to create and maintain a corporate culture that promotes confidentiality, job satisfaction, diversity, inclusiveness, communication, safety, and health and well-being in the workplace. Along with the human resource services offered to you as an applicant, associate employees receive enhanced access to our web portal and Online Employment Center. With your employment toolkit, you are a click away from a 360 degree, real-time, dashboard view of all important historical employment events and data. Employees also have the ability to maintain and update their personnel file, profile, and résumé in order to be ready for future job opportunities.

Below are a few of the important services provided by Stafkings:

  • Professional representation
  • Human resource services
  • Benefits
  • Training
  • Career Counseling
  • Update employee profile
  • Update résumé
  • View work history
  • View payroll history
  • Link to Paycard
  • View benefits
  • Submit timecard
  • Feedback outlet
  • Communicate with advisor
  • Helpful links

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